How to find us in Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina Massage

When booking your massage, be sure to plan enough time to find parking and to find us, if it’s your first time. Our spa is easy to find, but here are some helpful tips in case you are not sure.

We are located at the 505 Plaza, at 505 Front Street. You can’t confuse “505” with anything else… there’s a giant sign out front, and no other buildings nearby to confuse it with. Take Shaw Street from the highway, no matter which direction you are coming from, and 505 will be directly in front of you when you reach the stop sign.

Once you arrive on property, take the first set of stairs on the right (or the elevator further down the hall) and you will find our spa on the second floor. Your massage is just a few moments away when you’ve gotten to our spa door!